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Focus Your Marketing For Success 5 Tips

There are too many ways to market your business online nowadays and its constantly changing. Here are 5 marketing tips that you should be using in 2018 to effectively grow your business.

Video is already king in the social media world. 50% of your clients watch a video about you or your product your selling before they purchase. This is a huge point if you are not using video but if you are keep doing it and more often. New clients want to get to know your business and video allows you to establish rapport as they know, like and trust you.

Find your social platform and figure out the most effective marketing strategy. Although Facebook has the most daily active users by far, there are people making millions of dollars a year on less active social medias like: Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn and many more. Find the one you like and are comfortable with and learn how to make money with it. Once you are comfortable, start using a second social media channel.

Start using email again and clean up your database. There are so many ways to connect with clients these days sometimes we miss adding relevant client information to our database. Go through your email or social messages and add those interested to your email list. I always believe in customizing your emails to your audience whether that is one by one or a selected by a group type.

Eliminate distractions so you can focus on whats important. There are apps like feedburner for Google Chrome that will hide your Facebook and other social media feeds so you aren't distracted while posting. This might be more of a lifehack but distractions can kill your marketing time in today's digital world. Try to use your "distractions" to figure out how that picture or video captured your attention and then use it with your brand.

Ask for clients to review your business all the time. Your clients are going to be looking for recent positive reviews before they purchase so they know that your legit. Having reviews on many different sites can also help spread your brand through many different marketing channels. For example through a simple google search your brand may come up on Yelp, BBB, Yellow Pages, and Foursqaure on the first page. It creates an effect on the client that your brand is established.

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