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Social Media For Small Business Owners

Entering a new year brings many new and great ideas that we need to implement into our business's to make more money. Communication via Social Media has been a catalyst for small business to hit a large audience. We all want to make more money and to do that we need to hit as many people in our target market as we can for as little cost as possible. Social Media can be one of the best "free"(time is money and this takes time :) marketing tools of our time and here are a few tips for you to succeed in the new year.

Grow your Social Pages: Sometimes we focus on content instead of growing the Social Media page's audience. There is usually a way to mass invite people from your email or other lists. Make sure to invite everyone and to follow up on the list to see if there are additional ways to invite. Growing your audience is the single most productive thing you can do to make your posting more relevant. Bigger audience = more money.

Post regularly: Staying front of mind is the whole point of Social Media Marketing. If you are not posting daily you are missing out on a lot of "could have been" clients that didn't see your one post 3 months ago. Use a program like HooteSuite to manage posts for your social media.

Be relevant: If you are posting about politics or not-relevant information you are most likely not attracting the attention of your target market. It is very easy for others to disagree with you if you are posting personal or non related information. That may be a good enough reason for someone to not want to do business with you.

Mix personal with business: Mixing your personal life with business is not always a great idea but in this case it is. Use your personal pages to direct your friends and family to your business pages. You can use your Facebook page to invite friends and family to like your LinkedIn or Instagram and vice versa. This is a great way to grow your audience on all of your social media sites.Use a variety of Social Media: Don't just stick with Facebook or LinkedIn. Did you know that updating your Google + page every day can boost your SEO? You can use Twitter and other programs to boost SEO and how searchable your company on Google Search. Instagram is great for a business that wants to show off photos of their work or products. I recommend using at least three different social media platforms regularly.

Build on other people's ideas: We are surrounded by advertising on our phones, TV, computers, driving, etc. When you see an ad that is amazing try to think of ways to use that idea to fit your business or personality. Building on other ideas and making it fit your marketing plan can be a highly effective marketing tool. I have an app on my phone that I use to take notes of great ideas.

I hope that these idea's help to bring you success in your business. I manage Social Media pages for small business's and realtors. Please contact me if you are interested in learning how I can grow your business.

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