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Social Media Is King For Business Advertising: 5 Tips To Build Your Network

Social Media is a cultural phenomenon that no one saw coming a little more than a decade ago. I remember when I was in College and Facebook was only offered to a few universities and mine was not on the list. It was originally designed as an exclusive social network for the top colleges. As Facebook progressed and released to everyone it became one of the most popular inventions of our time. Millions of people are on Facebook and other niche social networks in 2017 ready for you to connect for free. Most of us are connected to more than 3 social networks. So why are you not using this for your business?

Designing Social Media Networks are great because it can be free marketing. It is one of the first free marketing tools in history that can potentially reach thousands to millions of people depending on how you use it. The biggest cost of Social Media Marketing is time. Make a commitment to work on your Social Media updates at least an hour a day.

Using any Social Media platform that requires users to connect with you can be a great way to build your database. In sales our database should be the lifeblood of our business. Make sure that your email signature, website, business card, etc all have your social media accounts listed so that you can organically grow your networks.

A TV spot, Radio Ad, magazines, newspapers, Google Adwords, all last as long as you keep paying. The end result is that you either make a sale or you don't and your marketing ends when you stop paying. With Social Media Ad's the whole focus should be on selling your brand and getting more likes on your business page. Once people like your page you can sell them your products on a daily basis for as long as they are connected. It can be exponentially more efficient than paying big money for prime marketing.

I hope that these idea's help to bring you success in your business. I manage Social Media pages for small business's and sales professionals. Please contact me if you are interested in learning how I can grow your business.

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