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The Truth About Search Engines Your SEO Company Never Told You

The world wide web is a magical place where people can find each other, buy exotic things, pursue their passions, release their inhibitions,etc. There is no wonder so many people are using the internet today in 2017 with its availability of media and information. As more people used the internet and as time went on the amount of web pages became endless. It was time for search engines to start getting savvy.

Many internet providers as well as Google saw the need of an artificial intelligence like search engine that would weigh out the best pages to show up in your results. Now flash forward to today and Google is the top search engine along with YouTube at number 2. The google search engine or "algorithm" changes almost twice a month with significant differences. This means that if I was to search for "SEO Raleigh" one month and then the next I search there is always at least two or three different companies on the first page compared to the previous search. This is because Google has now weighed all of the "SEO" of one company higher than another and has therefore increased their rank putting them on the first page.

Another interesting thing that many search engines do is they use your browsing information to create custom search results. I have talked to many business owners that say "My SEO company is awesome, I'm always on the first page of Google search!". We then do a search in "incognito mode" and the business is no where to be seen on the first page all the way through the tenth and so on. Search engines will pull up results that you frequently search for including your business's home page. So don't be fooled!

The last thing I want to talk about is website traffic. One of the great time saving luxuries that the internet provides is just a simple google search away from is free web traffic. Did you know that you can go to a website and get hundreds to thousands of website clicks for free? What they don't tell you is that although these are counted as website views the "bots",as they are called, only stay on the page for a millisecond. This unfortunately does not help your pages search ability because search engines are smart and know that these are bots.

SEO companies will show you massive amounts of web traffic that they are sending to your page but if you aren't seeing results its probably being invaded by BOTS! Or you can view your Google/Bing webmaster tools and see how many organic clicks were achieved.

If you work with a company that promises to keep you on the first page of Google there are one of two things happening. The first is you are going to be paying a ton of money for pay per click Ads because this is the only flawless way to stay at the top. The other is that they are under the impression that outdated SEO is still working. Google and other search engines are smart and changing more than the SEO company is probably working on your page. The best solution that I tell all of my clients is Organic Back-link will give you the most bang for your buck and building your social presence with a targeted audience. There are many more SEO tools that can be used but if you want real traffic link your website to places that will draw the right type of clients.

I hope that these idea's help to bring you success in your business. I manage Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. Please contact me if you are interested in learning how I can grow your business.

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